Why Do People Leave Their Jobs, Exactly? The Entire Reason Can Be Summed Up in a Few Sentences

As a leadership coach and consultant, I spend considerable time combing over exit interview reports, feedback instruments, and employee engagement surveys to determine the causes for employee turnover at client companies. Let me simplify the root of the problem. If you’re an executive, senior manager, or HR leader concerned with a revolving door at your company, start by looking at […]


Answering Yes to These 5 Questions Means Your Leadership Skills Are Better Than You Think

Good leaders understand the importance of prioritizing the interests of those they are leading over their own. This is no easy task, even for the most accomplished leader. But it works because it inspires people to a higher purpose. To evaluate and reflect on where you stand as a leader, and whether you are fit for the role, consider measuring […]


5 Most Successful Video Marketing Tactics Brands Are Using to Grab Eyeballs and Convert Customers

February 27, 2021 5 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The world is still reeling over the impact of Covid-19 with many businesses counting their losses. Corporate brands have been greatly affected as the majority of them have a brick-and-mortar structure. The commencement of Covid-19 vaccinations is the long-awaited light at […]


Marketing Tips For Early-Stage Startups

Every business needs a way to tell its customers about its products and services. Those marketing channels differ from one business to another and can change as the business grows. And just like everything else in business, marketing needs an investment. In the earliest stages of a startup, this investment is usually best spent developing a […]