How To Overcome Customer Objections Using Social Media

By John Turner, founder of SeedProd, the most popular coming-soon page solution for WordPress used by over 800,000 websites.

Do you want to overcome customer objections and get more sales using social media? Business owners and marketers understand the power of platforms like Facebook and Twitter. When you consider that by 2022, social media is expected to penetrate 52.7% of the global market, it’s easy to see why people are scrambling to establish a robust social media marketing strategy. 

If you want to convince users to come to your website and buy your product or service, you have to overcome their objections. One of the golden rules of marketing is a potential customer will always find a reason to object. 

It’s our job to overcome these objections and show users why our brand is worth their time. We can do this by identifying the pain points and goals of our audience and offering actionable solutions. Today, my goal is to show you several strategies you can use to convince users to give your brand a closer look. 

Let’s begin! 

Conquer pain points with content.

Your on-site content marketing strategy can benefit your social media growth efforts if you understand your customers. Company blogs should help customers navigate pain points and reach their goals. It’s up to you to find the best ones to share across your various accounts. 

I suggest sharing articles on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Schedule several posts to go out each day that touch on prominent issues your audience has to face. For instance, if you sell gardening products, you may want to share content that explains starting a flower or vegetable garden because that is one of the major roadblocks for people new to the industry. 

The best way to gauge the success of your posts is to monitor the engagement. Look at how many people are liking, sharing and commenting on your posts. Use this data to see what kind of content gets the most engagement so you can publish and share more relevant articles in the future. 

Have live conversations.

Live events are another excellent way to overcome objections. There are several options you can choose from when having conversations with your audience. One of the best ways to communicate with as many people as possible is through a live video event like an ask me anything (AMA). 

Simply make an announcement that you will stream at a specific time, and encourage people to stop by and chat. You’ll find that people who are genuinely interested in your product, service or industry will stop by and ask questions. 

Use this opportunity to get to know your followers and dissolve doubt. The ability to have a seamless conversation ensures that you can deliver knowledgeable, direct answers and convince them to give your brand a chance.

Promote group discussions.

People love to have discussions about their hobbies and interests on social media. You can look up virtually every industry and find hundreds, possibly thousands, of people talking about different niches. 

You can bring the power of these social media groups to your own channel by encouraging discussions from your followers. Think of broad questions that relate to your industry, and ask your audience what they think. 

For instance, an email marketing firm might ask, “What’s your biggest struggle when generating leads?” This question provides plenty of information to the business asking the question, but it also starts a highly engaging discussion. 

People are likely to have different opinions and share solutions with one another. So, if someone has a problem with segmenting their email leads, hearing about how your product solved that problem from another user technically overcomes the objection and can bring them to your website. 

Personalize promotions.

Finally, let’s talk about how to use promotions to overcome customer objections. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a feature called dynamic ads. Essentially, these promotions allow business owners to create thousands of ad variants by uploading images, text and offers to the dynamic-ad artificial intelligence program. 

The program analyzes users’ interests and creates curated ads designed to overcome objections and solve problems. You can review your buyer personas and create text and images for each customer segment. When a user is browsing social media, there’s a chance one of your ads will pop up in their feed. 

Back To You

If you’ve properly researched your audience, these tips can help you appeal to your users and encourage them to click through. It’s worth noting that no matter how hard you try, you’ll never convince everyone to buy something from your website. The key is to understand what strategies work best for your business and refine them through testing and data analysis.

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