Why Do People Leave Their Jobs, Exactly? The Entire Reason Can Be Summed Up in a Few Sentences

As a leadership coach and consultant, I spend considerable time combing over exit interview reports, feedback instruments, and employee engagement surveys to determine the causes for employee turnover at client companies. Let me simplify the root of the problem. If you’re an executive, senior manager, or HR leader concerned with a revolving door at your company, start by looking at […]


How To Grow Your Startup, According To Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington And 18 Other Hyper-Successful Founders (Infographic)

The biggest names in business think about more than just money. January 26, 2021 1 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. What four-step process does Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky use to tackle any problem? And why does Tesla CEO Elon Musk ask an interview question without really caring about the answer itself? […]


New Study Reveals What Employees Miss About the Office (and How Remote Work Affects Their Jobs)

Over the past eight months, there has been an ongoing debate over whether there’s a future for remote work beyond the coronavirus pandemic. While some companies have transitioned completely to a virtual workplace, others are more resistant – due in large part to employees preferring face-to-face interaction and collaboration. A new study from Twingate examines […]