The CEO of Delta Air Lines Just Shared the Perfect Leadership Message for 2021, and It’s Only 7 Words

As regular readers will know, I’m convinced that business leaders in every industry should watch and learn from the airlines. In fact, I wrote an ebook about the idea called, Flying Business Class, which you can download here for free. It’s not necessarily that the airlines like Delta, United, American and Southwest get things right, […]


Answering Yes to These 5 Questions Means Your Leadership Skills Are Better Than You Think

Good leaders understand the importance of prioritizing the interests of those they are leading over their own. This is no easy task, even for the most accomplished leader. But it works because it inspires people to a higher purpose. To evaluate and reflect on where you stand as a leader, and whether you are fit for the role, consider measuring […]


12 Leadership Lessons from DocuSign CEO Dan Springer

November 18, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In Comparably’s ongoing series in partnership with Entrepreneur, If I Knew Then: Leadership Lessons, I host virtual fireside chats with high-profile CEOs of major brands from, Nextdoor and Blue Apron, to Waze and Warby Parker. As the host, I ask talented leaders to share some of the valuable lessons and practical career advice […]


The 4 Key Differences Between Thought Leadership and Content Marketing

November 13, 2020 7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Thought leadership garners a lot of attention among entrepreneurs and those aiming to pick up more traction in their marketing to increase brand recognition. So does content marketing, which is often touted for its ability to create top-of-funnel and marketing-qualified leads.  […]


Sign Up Now: Michael Strahan on Inspirational Leadership at the Inc. 5000 Vision Conference, October 19-23

Why did Michael Strahan broadcast from the Good Morning America studios in the early days of Covid despite his own fears? Inc. Editor-in-Chief Scott Omelianuk asked him about it when they taped a conversation for Inc’s 2020 Vision Conference. Strahan, also host of the conference’s Inc. 5000 Gala, had a simple powerful answer that should resonate […]