Majority Black-Led MaC Venture Capital Raises Inaugural $110 Million Fund To Invest In Emerging Tech Disruptors

In an industry as small as venture capital, it didn’t take long for the teams behind Cross Culture Ventures and M Ventures to realize they had the same investment strategy: to identify and invest in underrepresented tech entrepreneurs whose companies have the potential to become household names. Two years later, competition turned into collaboration. The […]


Watch: How S’well’s Founder Built a $100 Million Business By Convincing People to Give Up Plastic Bottles

Not every business can grow to $ 100 million in revenue without raising any outside funding, S’well founder Sarah Kauss acknowledges. But for her company, which makes insulated reusable water bottles with trendy designs, bootstrapping felt natural. “I really wanted to make sure that there was a really strong there there before I ever thought about bringing in outside capital,” […]


January AI raises $8.8 million for AI that helps people manage their diabetes

Data: Meet ad creative From TikTok to Instagram, Facebook to YouTube, and more, learn how data is key to ensuring ad creative will actually perform on every platform. Register Now January AI, a startup developing a platform that predicts diabetic patients’ responses to certain foods, today announced that it raised $ 8.8 million. Notable investors […]


Avid Ventures raises $68 million for female-run VC fund targeting fintech and consumer startups

Addie Lerner and Tali Vogelstein have started Avid Ventures, a new venture capital fund for fintech, software, and consumer internet startups. The pair raised an initial $ 68 million with the aim of being high-touch investors who put money into diverse early-stage companies and accelerate their growth. It took about 10 months to raise the […]