How the Kombucha King Came to Dominate an Industry Niche

Few people know what it takes to disrupt a major business category better than GT Dave. He’s the founder of GT’s Living Foods, a probiotic foods company known for its market-dominating kombucha. With a 40 percent share of the global kombucha business, which is estimated to reach $ 8 billion in 2027, his company rules its industry niche.  Dave spoke with Inc. executive editor Marli Guzzetta […]


Why niche SaaS scales so well

Automation and Jobs Read our latest special issue. Open Now Software as a service is eating the world. Whether it’s payment processing, website building, or restaurant managing software, there’s a SaaS tool out there that handles it. The market for “vertical SaaS” is particularly strong, tripling in the last decade. Vertical SaaS offerings provide a […]