Answering Yes to These 5 Questions Means Your Leadership Skills Are Better Than You Think

Good leaders understand the importance of prioritizing the interests of those they are leading over their own. This is no easy task, even for the most accomplished leader. But it works because it inspires people to a higher purpose. To evaluate and reflect on where you stand as a leader, and whether you are fit for the role, consider measuring […]


Saying Yes to These 8 Questions Means You May Be More Emotionally Intelligent Than You Thought

The popular topic of emotional intelligence continues to gain ground. You can’t blame countless authors for writing about it, and you certainly can’t blame scores of coaches, trainers, and consultants for wanting to teach the principles to leaders.  Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a hot item because it makes the workplace better. While IQ will undoubtedly make people successful at […]


Warren Buffett: Integrity Is the Most Important Attribute to Hire For. Ask 7 Simple Questions to Find It

Warren Buffett is an investing genius but the Berkshire Hathaway CEO maintains that his success is largely due to hiring the right people. Buffett advises leaders to weigh integrity above all traits when assessing job candidates during the interview process. And for good reason: When it comes to hiring, it’s a sure bet that some job candidates will display a lack of integrity in the interview process. […]


California’s Prop 25 would replace cash bail with algorithms, but questions around fairness and transparency remain

Maintain your employer brand in a pandemic Read the VentureBeat Jobs guide to employer branding Download eBook As a California voter, I know state propositions can be confusing. Despite good intentions, if you don’t read carefully and do your research, you can make decisions you come to regret, and a great example of this is […]


How To Improve Diversity And Inclusion As A Company In 2020: 3 Questions You Should Be Asking

Today, everyone from employees to customers to stakeholders and investors want to feel like they are part of a company that stands for something bigger than its own self-interest. They want to feel good about the time, energy, and money they spend supporting that company. They want to feel appreciated, understood, and most importantly, heard […]