Majority Black-Led MaC Venture Capital Raises Inaugural $110 Million Fund To Invest In Emerging Tech Disruptors

In an industry as small as venture capital, it didn’t take long for the teams behind Cross Culture Ventures and M Ventures to realize they had the same investment strategy: to identify and invest in underrepresented tech entrepreneurs whose companies have the potential to become household names. Two years later, competition turned into collaboration. The […]


Tech Startups Will Be Crucial to the Post-Covid Economic Recovery. Here Are 3 Ways to Take Advantage

Tech startups helped drive the world’s last economic recovery, after the Great Recession. This time around, they’re poised to again fill a crucial role in job creation–and cities will play a major part in making that happen. “Tech innovation has proven to be a very effective means of innovating ourselves out of crisis–creating new job […]


Why Ethics Matter For Social Media, Silicon Valley And Every Tech Industry Leader

At one time, the idea of technology and social media significantly influencing society and politics would’ve sounded crazy. Now, with technology so embedded into the fabric of our lives, it’s a reality that raises legitimate questions about Silicon Valley’s ethical responsibility.  Should tech companies step in to create and enforce guidelines within their platforms if […]