How To Run Your Company Like A SWAT Team: Lessons From One Of The Fastest-Growing DNA Testing Companies

While rocket-fueled expansion is something many startup founders aspire to, rapid growth on its own is no guarantee of success.  That’s because growth without a strong company culture to support it is sure to be unsustainable. At worst, growth that happens too quickly can even result in a company’s failure.  So how do you supercharge […]


After Testing Positive (and Negative) for Covid, Elon Musk Contacted a Harvard Doctor. His Response Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

Elon Musk was frustrated.  He had been experiencing mild sniffles, a cough, and a slight fever–enough symptoms to convince him to get tested for Covid-19. Musk, who obviously has more resources and greater access to medical treatment than the average person, ended up taking a total of four tests (according to the story he shared on […]