10 U.S. states accuse Google of working with Facebook to break antitrust law and boost ads business

(Reuters) — Texas and nine other states sued Google on Wednesday, accusing it of working with Facebook in an unlawful manner that violated antitrust law to boost its already-dominant online advertising business. The states asked that the Alphabet-owned company, which controls a third of the global online advertising industry, compensate them for damages and sought […]


We Need a Market-Based Incentive to Promote Vaccines and Get the U.S. Back to Work

It’s no secret that Main Street businesses, which commune directly with the public, have been hammered by the Covid-19 pandemic. Although new business applications have also soared since March, presumably most with adapted business models, that’s no comfort to the more than 100,000 small businesses listed on Yelp that have shuttered, a fate that awaits many more […]


AI Weekly: U.S. lawmakers decry the chilling effect of federal surveillance at protests

There’s a thread that runs through police violence against Black people and connects to overpolicing, onerous and problematic tactics like facial recognition, AI-powered predictive policing, and federal agencies’ surveillance of protestors. It’s almost a loop; at the very least, it’s a knot. For months, American citizens have tirelessly protested against police violence, largely in response […]


U.S. Congress calls for antitrust reforms to limit powers of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google

Members of Congress investigating the activity of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google say antitrust law reform is needed to safeguard democracy and “ensure that our economy remains vibrant and open in the digital age.” The findings come from a document released today (PDF) that is the culmination of a 16-month investigation carried out by the […]


Facebook removes ‘inauthentic’ Chinese accounts for U.S. political interference

Automation and Jobs Read our latest special issue. Open Now (Reuters) — Facebook said Tuesday it had removed a network of inauthentic Chinese accounts that were interfering in Asian and American politics, including some accounts that posted material supporting and opposing U.S. President Donald Trump. The social networking company said it suspended 155 accounts on […]